All your influencer marketing campaigns under one roof

Assembly is a cloud-based application that allows brands and marketing agencies to manage all of their influencer marketing campaigns in one centralized location. It streamlines the entire influencer on-boarding process, and makes it easy for marketers to create targeted campaigns - and track ROI - along the way.

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Hi Product Hunters! First off, a big thank you @nikkielizdemere for hunting Assembly 😄 We built Assembly to help marketers running influencer campaigns stand out from the crowd by managing and scaling their campaigns more effectively, and all under one roof. Assembly is focused on advanced analytics, and results; we don’t like to see marketing dollars go to waste, and we are really good at optimizing for ROI. As software analytics and performance obsessed techies ourselves, it’s what we’re good at. That’s also what happens to separate us from our competitors! You can think of Assembly as your CRM for influencer marketing. Assembly is the software platform that makes it easy to streamline influencer management, communicate with influencers, track ROI, and optimize your campaigns in real-time Influencer marketing is growing like crazy, and all of our budgets are a testament to that. With Assembly, managing what could be ten, twenty, or even hundreds of influencer campaigns - from content approvals to contracts, reporting, and even payment - is easy. How are we different? We’re a technology company at heart, but we understand what it takes to scale a marketing campaign. Our goal - above all else - is to build software that helps brands and agencies create game-changing influencer campaigns, and drive long-lasting results with their target audiences. Assembly is a Redbrick product, and we pride ourselves on providing user acquisition, at scale. [Insert brag: we were recently ranked the second Fastest-Growing Company in Canada, doing just that!] Here are a few things Assembly will help you do...and you’ll notice that we really don’t like limits ;) Manage Unlimited Influencers Create Unlimited Influencer Campaigns, Across All Your Brands Send Unlimited Clicks Throughout Your Campaign Collaborate with All Of Your Team Members Pay Influencers Directly, In-App Access Dedicated Account Support Take Advantage of Expert Templates & Tips Leverage Custom White label Options For Your Brand The great news? Product Hunters get an extra long trial! The first 100 to use the secret coupon code will receive 45 days of Assembly free. Keep an eye out for that in the comments below! Thanks for checking us out. We can’t wait to hear what you think!
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@nikkielizdemere @neilhenderson88 hey Neil, can you drill down a bit more about how payments are processed to international influencers? couldn't really grasp the method from the site/FAQ section
@andregoiano Great question! When an influencer first signs into Assembly they are able to select what payment method they want to be paid via. This is done in their Payments settings. Options for International influencers are as follows: Paypal, Wire Transfer (on amounts over $1000), eCheck/Local Bank Transfer and even via Check if they like :) Their is no cost to the Influencer from Assembly for receiving funds. Hope this helps!
@neilhenderson88 fantastic, thank you. lots of options.
@nikkielizdemere @neilhenderson88 This sound very interesting and useful. I will check it out.
@nikkielizdemere @abhisihelp Great! Let me know if any questions come up. I am available at
Hey Hunters! As promised, here is your super secret Assembly coupon code, which extends your trial by an entire month! We know that good things take time, so this give you an entire 45 days to see exactly what Assembly is all about. Sign up for Assembly and use Early45 to redeem yours! Enjoy!
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@nadia_tatlow Signed up with the code, but I wasn't sure where to go to confirm that the trial would be for 45 days. Is there somewhere in the billing section of your website where I can confirm that the code was inputted and received correctly?
Hey @idrincwater! If you go into your account to Settings -> Subscription, you'll see the expiration date of your trial period at the top. We are working on fixing a small bug on the front end as the date showing is 15 days in some cases, even when the trial period should be 45 days. Not to worry, though, our devs are on it and the back end is set up to recognize that your coupon code was inputted and received properly. We will have that bug fixed sorted very soon.
This looks pretty awesome.
As an influencer, I'm excited to not only hunt this product, but use it to help share products I support. It’s amazing how much growth there has been in the influencer space, and yet how little focus there has been on transparency and communication around ROI between influencers and brands. I'm thrilled that Assembly has decided to tackle this from a technical and analytical perspective, as it will help influencers add value as much as brands/agencies.
@nikkielizdemere First off, thank you again for hunting Assembly; you are awesome! It has been an absolute pleasure working on it and making sure it is a great platform for both brands and influencers.
@nikkielizdemere i love that gray "hunter" badge next to your name. LUCKY! gosh... :-/
Amazeballs! It's finally here.