Assembla Enterprise Cloud Version Control (ECVC) is built for enterprises under pressure to move development to the cloud. Assembla answers the demanding requirements for compliance and high availability.

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Assembla is the leader in Subversion, and ECVC brings it to the cloud. Over 4,000 customers have 40,000 active SVN users securely storing over 30 Terabytes of data and routes more than 250 Terabytes of traffic in and out of its cloud infrastructure. :) I'll leave it to the team (@jacek_materna) to get technical. Since, ya know...I'm not so much.
Jacek Materna
CTO Assembla
Hi PH! We’re really excited to get ECVC out into the market. For way too long, enterprises have had to make compromises between a centralized repo and a cloud environment. With our investments in Subversion and the SVN community, we’ve been able to provide enterprise class version control. I’m looking forward to hearing from the PH community.