Add #askjelly to a Tweet and get your answer on Twitter.

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Ask anything on Twitter with #AskJelly and get answered by the Askjelly.com search engine via @askjelly. No need to do anything else.
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@biz Love the simplicity of asking something. Beautifully done! :)
Everyone's talking about Facebook and iMessage "bots" but there are actually quite a few Twitter bots. slashgif is one of my favorites. More in my collection.
@rrhoover Ironically, bots were an unintended feature on Twitter. Been around for years. But, they are the going to be the last platform to launch an official bot platform.
@sarthakgh @rrhoover Actually, colorizebot in reddit is pretty awesome: https://goo.gl/cXjMyy
@byoigres @sarthakgh @rrhoover I never knew that reddit can use bots. Colorizebot is really cool
This is fun. I tweeted out a question to #askjelly and I got a mail saying I can probably answer that question myself :P http://imgur.com/a/IkCT2
@ambonium Questions from Twitter come into the system anonymously right now, so we don't you you're you. That is a feature we still need to add. :)
@finkel it's not a problem,๐Ÿ˜„ I knew the answer to the question.. Wanted to know what others think. But I honestly love how simple it is. Thanks for making it ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ
I like this, a lot. #invisibleapps
Nice! Looking forward to trying this out later today. Out of curiosity do you know what the average waiting time is for @askjelly to respond to a tweet?
@anthony_stylianou @askjelly It's usually 15-20 minutes, but it depends a lot on the hardness of the question (and the current question rate).