Ask Vin Anything

You ask, Vin Diesel answers

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this makes me lol every time I try a new question
@ecetweets :)! Thanks for featuring. Yoko and I built this ode to Vin in celebration of Furious7 (which we watched at an 830am IMAX showing.) Personally, I like to ask him to "sing me a song."
@ecetweets Thanks for the props, Ece!
It seems to be entirely random responses for the ones I tried... I do generally like these sorts of things though (@hyharryhuang and I made a similar thing for Kanye West: @kevinhuynh, what are some other good questions to ask?
@edmoyse Hey thanks, Ed! We have a few key words and phrases that we look out for—some of our favorites are questions along the lines of “What’s your favorite food?” “Where are you?” “Do you dance?” My personal fave response happens when I ask, “Who am I?”
@edmoyse @psyoko got my favorite answer when I asked him if we were friends!
Sigh. My collection has become gigantic. (cheeky products)
The new face of Jeeves? This is really fun, btw
@beckerjs Haha. AJ was definitely an inspiration. Glad you like!