Ask Me Anything Book

A collection of the best reddit AMA's

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So cool! We've discussed doing something similar with Product Hunt LIVE. h/t @tweets_amanda via her TNW article.
@rrhoover @quora did this a few years back with some of their most popular answers. Still a prized possession of mine, I wish they would do more.
@jeffumbro I missed that! Neat idea.
@rrhoover I am co-founder of the company @Booktrope that helped produce this via our new Powered by Booktrope program. Happy to discuss if you are serious about creating one for Product Hunt :)
@ksearsbooks thanks! We're holding off right now -- need to focus on some other things -- but I'll definitely keep in mind. Looks like you've done a great job with the book.
Bought this for my parents' new house. Figure it's a good house warming gift. And vodka, obviously.
@andrewmettinger The two pair very well together. Thanks.
Bought the hardcover copy today. I think it'll make a great coffee table book. PH Live version would be awesome!
@aamerjomaa Thanks, Aamer. I hope you'll love it.
Bought this today! Happy to see Cyndi Lauper included! Interesting partership with Booktrope @ksearsbooks