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#3 Product of the WeekSeptember 02, 2014
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@alexisohanian teased that there was an official reddit app in the works on Product Hunt Radio #14 but I didn't expect it to be AMA-specific. I dig it. There are already several community-built reddit apps to browse the site so this adds something new and may attract a new, non-redditing audience. Congrats on the launch, @hueypriest, @dhulser and the rest of the team.
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@rrhoover I miss iReddit
@marmelroy Oh man you just had to link to that old trailer I made for it...
@rrhoover Keeping you on your toes, Ryan!!
@rrhoover I think that's a really important point - attracting a new, non-redditing audience. Great app.
Beautifully designed!
@ow Agreed. I especially love the 'r'/Snoo loader.
Design is amazing! Great job :)
I'm so glad that Reddit made an app finally (regardless of whether it was targeted towards a specific subreddit). The app is beautiful, but functionally it felt fairly confusing.
Great way to create an official reddit app, without taking head on some of the popular third-party reddit apps. Looks beautiful.