Ascend by Wix

Connect, manage and grow your business

Manage all your customer interactions from one place. Effortlessly capture leads, build relationships, take payments and more.

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60 Reviews5.0/5
Anyone from @wix want to give a little opener/intro here? Would love to hear the thought process and conception of Ascend. Looks super cool

Love the experience


A company with great products!


None that I can think of

I'm thrilled to see the future of this.


Well, all in one place DIY suite to promote your business - isn't it a best confirmation of excellence of our modern world technologies?


There are some issues, like performance, but, from what I understand - this is Wix's number one goal to fix in nearest future

Looks awesome! also love the name :)
Looks very interesting. Can't wait to dig in even further! Well done guys.