ASAP for Zoho Desk

Take solutions to your customers, with ASAP.

ASAP is a self-service tool that can help brands embed their help center into their website, mobile app or SaaS product. It ensures that contextual help is always made available to your customers through Zia Bot, an AI-powered chat assistant.

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Hello Product Hunt! First off, thanks @kwdinc for hunting us. We're excited to be launching ASAP, embeddable self-service from Zoho Desk. ASAP helps businesses go mobile-first, by bringing their entire help center to their app or website. Customers can look through knowledge base articles, interact with user communities, and even chat with an AI-powered conversation assistant for instant support. With the ASAP Chrome Extension, product walk-throughs and tooltips are a few simple clicks away. We believe this will revolutionize self-service, because customers will never have to leave the app or website looking for help. With ASAP from Zoho Desk, put customer service at the heart of your company. P.S.: We're available all day for an AMA of sorts. Questions are welcome. We also encourage you to visit our page, and take the ASAP-powered widget for a spin.
@kwdinc @pavz_krish This looks amazing. Few thoughts if you are planning to do outbound sales : a) Reach out to companies which have recently raised funding. Since they have raised funding, they are going to spend money on customer support. Hence it will make sense to use ASAP. b) Reach out to companies which are hiring for customer support. Because if a company is hiring for this role, it means they are willing to spend money on customer support that is why hiring for such role. c) You can target companies using Intercom and Drift.
Thanks, @shreyaa_ratra! Those are very thoughtful points indeed. We really appreciate your interest and support!

Great UI and features.





This looks good. Customers do not need to open a "new window", for example to read a help tutorial. A quick question: does it work with KB from Wordpress ❓
@bernardocastro Thanks. Glad you liked it. ASAP works only with Zoho Desk's native knowledge base system for now, but support for other content management systems like Wordpress will come in the near future.
Wow, what a exciting product! I've been a big fan of Zoho Desk for quite some years now and it's great to see that they keep coming up with cool tools like ASAP and Zia. Keep 'em coming, guys!
@abhyuday_ganesh_rajaa That's so great to hear, thank you! It's fans like you that keep us going 😄
Pretty cool! 😉