Asana for iOS 11

New iPad app, VoiceOver improvements, and more

Asana is new for iOS 11. With Apple's advancements for the iPad, Asana for iPad makes the most of the large screen to let you navigate your task list and Inbox with ease. The iPad app takes advantage of iOS 11 so you can drag and drop photos to Asana. *All* iOS users also have new features: VoiceOver, User Profiles, import files, and likes.

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Feature request: AI that completes my Asana tasks for me. 🙏🏼 But more seriously, I'm curious how many use Asana on iOS app vs. desktop. While mobile is table stakes for any project management tool now days, I find the desktop is where I'm far more productive.
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@rrhoover I use the iOS app to put in reminders about what to do after I have meetings. Then I follow-up later on desktop.
@rrhoover, thanks for the question. While we haven't seen the same shift towards mobile usage that the consumer app space has, mobile has become one of the primary drivers of our user growth. Roughly three-quarters of our 25,000 paying customers have users on mobile. The reason we redesigned our iPad app is because we were seeing demand from our users to do deep productivity work on mobile, especially on tablets. We were hoping to bring more of our desktop productivity experience to mobile, and think this is a great move forward for us. We still have a bit of work before we reach parity with our web app, but we're making progress (including bringing our Calendar feature to mobile in the next month).
@rrhoover agree with @rrhover here, but also really need a native desktop app for this sort of application. I find I'm far less likely to use a task management system if it's "heavy" versus fast/light. Unlike email and many other apps, tasks are somewhat nice-to-have in a single-user setup. @nickfassler hopefully native desktop is on the roadmap soon
@rrhoover Actually use the app as a kind of 'home management app' to coordinate stuff with my wife (it was invaluable for moving recently). But - the app itself is a little clunky for managing the details of tasks, moving them around within projects, etc. It's more to monitor/respond to new tasks. [Would kill to use it for work by my company currently has it blocked.]
@ryanstenson So far, while Asana doesn't launch a native Mac client, we're building a lightweight native Mac client. You can sign up and have your input at
Are there any new team collaboration features? or is this just a port to the new iOS?
Thanks for the question @shocron. We’ve always built Asana around team collaboration, and this release is no different. We redesigned the iPad app to make it easier to collaborate on the tasks and conversations that are important to you. This launch also includes the ability to upload and collaborate on files from your favorite document provider (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc). And we launched our new “likes” feature across all platforms, so you can tell your teammates they are doing an awesome job.
Any cool improvements for iOS 11
I have an iPad Pro, so this is cool and all... but I remain really frustrated and bummed about two Asana issues: 1) Still no offline mode (either web based or app based) 2) No share intent on Android! :o Look, Asana peeps, *I want to use your product more* but it's just a crazy number of steps when I see an article or photo or anything on my phone that I want to create an Asana task about. You have a share intent on iOS. Please please please add this to Android! :o (yes, I've already requested on the Asana forum and on Twitter and in email... :-)