Asana Boards

A simple, visual way to track your team’s work



Derek Shanahan
@dshan · Pub Strategy @ SuperRewards
So... Trello?
Eric Poindessault
@p01ds · Co-Founder & CEO @biggerpan
Congrats team, I've been waiting for this for years! So far it looks like a better Trello to me, however for our existing tasks I would love to be able to switch from a list to a board display, both views would be useful on the same project.
Lauren Ulmer
@lauren_e_ulmer · Product Manager @ Dormify
@mat_stevens @scottcheng can you apply this view to "My Tasks?"
Abhinav Gulyani
@aby · @aby -
Finally, now my team can actually just have everything in one place. We tried MeisterTask, Trello in conjunction with Asana. But, this is much better now!
Rami Habal
@rhabal · entrepreneur
I think this is a killer feature, and I've been waiting for it. IMHO it is distinctive from trello, notion and others (maybe even the jira's of the world) because it fits into a broader, more flexible project management system that works ... had given feedback on this feature anonymously so glad they are listening.
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