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So... Trello?
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@dshan It would seem so.
@cambel @dshan With one key difference: Trello *only* does boards. http://www.forbes.com/sites/alex...
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@moskov Fair point, and was just saying as much to a friend. cc @cambel
@moskov glad to see you acknowledge this. I suppose I find it a bit disheartening that this is the most important update/feature for you at the moment. @dshan
@cambel @dshan actually, performance is the most important update, but this is the one that was ready to be released today. A lot of our customers want to organize visually, so this was still a very important feature for us.
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Congrats team, I've been waiting for this for years! So far it looks like a better Trello to me, however for our existing tasks I would love to be able to switch from a list to a board display, both views would be useful on the same project.
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@mat_stevens @scottcheng can you apply this view to "My Tasks?"
@lauren_e_ulmer @mat_stevens @scottcheng I was wondering about converting a task type project to a board. It would be pretty great if you could flip between views and not have to choose between them. But what I did was setup a board and add the tasks to the new Board based project so you can get the best of both worlds. Even better your board can contain tasks from multiple projects this way if you wanted. It would be interesting if the My Tasks view could be shown using the Board format so all your tasks could be moved through a workflow from all projects.
@nathansudds The switching between views thing is something we've actually been working on for a while... so far we can switch between a list, kanban, calendar & spreadsheet. We're working on mindmaps & Gantt now too :) What other types of views do you think would be valuable?
@nathansudds @lauren_e_ulmer @mat_stevens @scottcheng I'm also excited about this... I actually wrote a little cron job to sync them up continuously. Hopefully we'll make it real one day :)
@moskov @nathansudds @lauren_e_ulmer @mat_stevens @scottcheng nothing to add just wanted to say I love how you're being open about the tech side eg. mention of cron + previous mention of using elasticsearch.
@siororke @nathansudds any estimated time for this?
Finally, now my team can actually just have everything in one place. We tried MeisterTask, Trello in conjunction with Asana. But, this is much better now!
I think this is a killer feature, and I've been waiting for it. IMHO it is distinctive from trello, notion and others (maybe even the jira's of the world) because it fits into a broader, more flexible project management system that works ... had given feedback on this feature anonymously so glad they are listening.