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Derek Shanahan — Pub Strategy @ SuperRewards
So... Trello?
Campbell Macdonald — Co-Founder
@dshan It would seem so.
@cambel @dshan With one key difference: Trello *only* does boards.
Derek Shanahan — Pub Strategy @ SuperRewards
@moskov Fair point, and was just saying as much to a friend. cc @cambel
Campbell Macdonald — Co-Founder
@moskov glad to see you acknowledge this. I suppose I find it a bit disheartening that this is the most important update/feature for you at the moment. @dshan
@cambel @dshan actually, performance is the most important update, but this is the one that was ready to be released today.

A lot of our customers want to organize visually, so this was still a very important feature for us.
Derek Shanahan — Pub Strategy @ SuperRewards
@moskov Extremely pumped to hear performance is priority. Speed is my biggest blocker on using Asana across my life.
@dshan Me too! It's a very big project, but we're making progress.
Liam Boogar — Brand Director @ Algolia
@moskov One great way to improve performance would be to move away from building everything internally, like your search stack, and focusing on what Asana does great - project management for the 21st Century team.

That being said, I work with a hosted Search provider, so maybe I'm just biased. That being said, I'm an Asana customer who uses the API to make a abetted search experience, so maybe users always find a way.
@moskov @cambel @dshan I left Asana for the kanban style boards Trello is based on. Will have to give it another go.
John Kirk — Co-Founder @Cnverg
@moskov would love to integrate like @cnverg has with GitHub and Trello. Who should we talk to?
Nathan Sudds — Founder,ActiveLabs & Coach,
@moskov @cambel @dshan thanks for this! I started using this within minutes of getting the email promoting it. The fact that Asana tasks can live in more than one project makes this exactly what I was looking for. I went in and made a Board and created the typical To-do > Doing > Done workflow and added tasks from other projects to the Board. Exactly what I wanted for that visual representation of what's happening in other projects.

Trello can't do that. You can only copy or move cards to other boards.

I still love Trello and use it with another team that I manage but this definitely adds a lot of value to Asana.

I also like that my tags show up like labels do in trello so existing tags can be seen right away.

Good work to the Asana team. This isn't just a Trello clone it's integrating Kan Ban into the app in a thoughtful way.
James Requa — CEO & Founder at Carte Blanche
@moskov Loving this update...I always preferred the Asana UI over Trello but the boards were useful enough that I ended up using both, now I can just use Asana :)
@moskov @cambel @dshan Arguably a great advantage for Trello. When you *only* do boards, you learn to do them very, very well. I'll have a look at this but hard to imagine Asana have done anything innovative here.
Venkat Korvi — Entrepreneur
@dshan if you can't beat 'em join 'em.
Lauren L Perfors — VP of Operations at Volume Nine
@moskov @cambel @dshan Agreed that it's helpful to organize visually. I have been an Asana user since it's first beta release. A few months ago for the first time I went to Trello because that visual layout just worked better for how I need to organize/manage. With this release, I'm back in my favorite tool, Asana. Bye Trello! I'm excited for the update. Nice work, Asana.
Lauren L Perfors — VP of Operations at Volume Nine
@nathansudds @moskov @cambel @dshan Agreed! Great implementation. Thanks for describing your use, Nathan, I like that idea.
Eric Poindessault — Co-Founder & CEO @biggerpan
Congrats team, I've been waiting for this for years! So far it looks like a better Trello to me, however for our existing tasks I would love to be able to switch from a list to a board display, both views would be useful on the same project.
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