Artyline enables people to try UI-styles on a sketches in augmented reality. Visualize and validate ideas in one click before starting designing it. Draw sketch, scan it using the smartphone camera and get screen-layout.
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Chris, thank you so much for hunting us! 🎉 Hey PH community, I’m Helene, the co-founder of Artyline. Together w/ @romamartyanov we've built an app that transforms your paper sketches into stylish UIs in real-time, using AR. Here's how it works: 1. Sketch on paper, whiteboard, Wacom, or even your iPad. 2. Scan your sketch with our app. 3. Instantly get your stylish screen with modern UIs (and even buttons!) Before building Artyline, I spent 7 years working with paper sketches as a UX designer. I love paper, but the process of collecting all these sketches and redrawing them as wireframes/mockups is a mess. That's why we've built Artyline: to make UX designers and product managers more creative by taking on boring parts of their work. We're just starting out, and our app is full of rough edges, but I want to make sure we're building something that actually helps. If you've been working with paper sketches for some time, please drop me a line to - I'd love to chat. You could really save us from a ton of mistakes. P.s. we've also made a goodie bag full of useful AR elements for PH users - you can grab it here: Prototyping Kit
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Just tried it out and it does not work anywhere close to what the video shows. But it directly charged me 19 USD on my CC... I really dislike the experience! Some things you could improve: - Give us some clear understanding, of what the app can do. I checked through the whole website but could not get a clear picture, why it doesn't convert a basic list correctly. - Don't write 7 days free trial and diretly charge my credit card. - Don't allow me to pay without creating an account for me. And don't allow me to buy a plan multiple times. I'm still not sure if the plan I payed actually into the account I had to seperately create. - Don't advertise an amazing video when our app is so far away from delivering. Or at least add a very big disclaimer. What I really like: - The video is cool. - Amazing idea. Wish it would work.
Wow! Looks like very useful.
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@ethnoza Thank you for your feedback! Very pleased that you liked our product :)
Wonderful idea! I downloaded and already tried to use it. Don't you think to add a possibility to add block if it was missed during scans?
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Got it! @anna_panchenko So happy you find it wonderful! Hey, @romamartyanov , I think this is a really cool idea! What do you say, we will quickly cope with the task?
@anna_panchenko Yeah, this is a great idea and we will add this feature in the next updates!
I always draw when an idea of application crosses my mind, now I know that I can turn my drawings into a beautiful design ! Thanks for sharing it (and obviously to make it exist)!
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Yep, @tara_quartero, me too! Do you know what's funny? When we created our Artyline app - we were needed it already in action to design it faster!) So, we will improve our application further! Let's be in touch, we want for that Artyline help you have more time for creative work, eliminating the routine.
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Easy to use, saves time
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@vasili_shynkarenka Love to save your time, that matter thank you