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#4 Product of the DayJuly 28, 2019
Manually created collections of famous paintings. Enjoy art history from Rembrandt to Pollock, catch your mood from Melancholy to Dance. What is your unique style? Set it as a wallpaper on your iPhone or Android. Let’s be inspired!
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Loving the cat serious cat wallpaper 😊
@rrhoover Hey Ryan, Thank you for feedback! Will add more serious cats :)
Love this idea. What made you do the art side of things? Are you going to launch different images such as sports, scenery etc. How do you plan to monetize it?
@drew_dunn1 Hey Drew, Thanks! We wanted each person to find his "own" picture and put it on the wallpapers. Of course, we will have new collections every week. If you have a collection idea, please write. We wrote down sport and scenery :) Right now monetization is paid collections or subscription to all collections.
@idanial Yeah, being a sports fan I would love to see sports stuff then scenery I think would be awesome. Beach shots of Tahiti and other awesome countries. I really like what you have done. Did you get a hunter to launch or did you just do this on your own?
@drew_dunn1 Gotcha! On our own :)
@idanial Impressive. Very cool. You know you have a good product if you have the success you do without getting a hunter. Very cool.
Hi hunters! Art is history. Captured emotions, captured moments we will always be a part of. Uniting and leaving some personal space in the wilds of the soul. Haven’t you been looking for something that matters?. Let’s be inspired. Let’s feel. Choose “your” painting, download and set it as a wallpaper. More than 300 paintings. New collections & wallpapers every week. • Simple interface. • Dark mode collection. • Manually crafted collections. • Biography of artists. • New pictures every week. • Descriptions of collections. • 4K Quality. Remember to surround yourself with beauty while expanding it.
Danial, good to see you have launched! Congrats to you and the team. I’ve already downloaded the app and installed Mona Lisa on my lock screen. It looks pretty cool, but the image quality isn’t very good on a Retina display. Totally understandable, but do you folks have ideas how to improve this? Perhaps neural networks could offer a solution.
@sevazhidkov Hey Seva, Thanks for feedback! We try to achieve the best quality pictures. We will definitely deal with the quality of the painting of Mona Lisa. By the way, the quality of the picture gets better after downloading to the phone 😉
@sevazhidkov Thanks Seva! I'll check the quality on the server right now.
Guys is a very good job. @idanial you are very cool) congratulations
@pardaev Hey Nurali, Thanks for the feedback! You can also check out interesting facts about paintings in Artwall's Instagram: