Why pay for shipping when you can have the artists

Artrvl is Artist-in-residence for art lovers

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We all love to travel, Wael is a digital nomad, I am an art traveler. We found out that most people who love art have no clue what they’re looking at, most artists are starving artists, what if we could take advantage of our artistic side to pay for the trip? What if we could watch an art creation in the making in person; one that really clicks with you? Artrvl is a meeting point for artists who want to travel the world and clients willing to pay for works of art with an offer of hospitality or more. The mechanism is simple: If you're a creative, upload your portfolio and set your expectations (price, wishlist); If you're looking for a creative, you just indicate where you are, what you can offer and look for the artist whose portfolio suits you. Traveling artists will bring creative and unique pieces of art to thousands of empty and dull spaces and let's give them free rein to maximize creativity. We will give you a 5% discount if you add a cash offer project which is above USD 2000 in August. Another special PH 10% discount - code: PRODUCTHUNT It's still in Beta. Ask us any questions.
@luanna_habibi 👏 for facilitating more art for more people! I wish the artists would get paid (cash money) plus travel. For your beta, did asking hosts to compensate creatives more fully seem likely to stifle adoption?
"Will design for food" is real thing now🤔 It looks interesting, but not everything is clear to me: - Are you going to verify hosts and artists, by ID, video call or something? Or it's just "Trust your instincts"? - How are you going to protect artist from fraud, or from payment/hospitality rejection? - why do you think hosts will hire artists in this way? Host someone from another country in your place or help with visa, while there's a bunch of locals and freelancers - have you tried to work or hire in this way by yourself?
@kkdub The artists could get paid (host can add cash offer in their project, artist could also add their price in their portfolios), the projects which offer more is more likely to find artists successfully, every project is open for negotiation, so asking more as long as it's reasonable doesn't stifle adoption, I once asked a host to give me 10 years free hotel stay, and he said yes.
@levchenkod Yes we personally verify both parties when there is a project or a portfolio posted; we also do due diligence upon projects get confirmed by artists, basically we will be there the whole time, if host offers cash he/she will have to pay at our platform first. It's interesting to meet ppl with different culture background, plus the art comes out more interesting. If you watch
@luanna_habibi "if host offers cash he/she will have to pay at our platform first." this is nice, but I didn't find this info on the website. Anyway good luck and I definitely will give it a try! 👍
From an artist: this is fascinating. Well done. And who likes to pay for shipping when you can have the artist itself amiright?
@bettinadraws Exactly lol I'm stealing your words btw
this is awesome! excited to use it
@uxceo thanks for supporting :* :D
hi: great and an inspiration! I am new at all this but just started an arts connection marketplace as well. be great to see if we could connect and work together (though i just made it like 2 days ago.. so still a long way to go on my end). mine is more about connecting performing arts with space and equipment, but I also put a section for visual arts: basically renting a gallery space and hiring installation people. perhaps we can combine forces.
@artirl_com sweet! gonna check your marketplace now