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ArticleWise is a web app that turns any article into a flash card automatically.

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Hey Product Hunt! I’m Emil, creator of ArticleWise 👋 You probably have a bunch of stuff to do today, so let me be super brief. Here is why I created ArticleWise. 📰 Situation I tend to read a lot of news online everyday. I’m probably a bit of an addict. 😕 Complication But honestly, I forget 99% of what I read. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t tell you what I read yesterday. It just magically evaporates into thin air. To me, this seems like a waste. So I talked to friends to see if it was just my brain that refused to cooperate. But they also struggled to remember what they had read online. So I concluded that either I have forgetful friends or this is a problem. Hoping it was the latter, I wanted to do something about it. 🙋 Question How can we prevent ourselves from forgetting what we read online? 💡 Solution I decided to build ArticleWise - a tool to help me/you/us remember what we read online and ultimately learn from the news. How does it work? 1. Read an article online 2. Paste the URL into ArticleWise 3. ArticleWise automatically generates a flash card using machine learning 4. Quickly review the flash card later to make it stick I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and I love it. I’ve made it free to sign up for Product Hunters today. Best, Emil —————— 📢 Some Q/A: Why should I bother ‘learning from the news’? Honestly, for me it’s a no brainer. Here are a few benefits: * Remembering articles allow to tie them together to form a big picture perspective of issues * In conversations you can recall facts quicker * It aids you in becoming an informed citizen and voter * … and many more Should I use ArticleWise for all articles I read? No, probably not. I personally use it for long-form reads, blog posts and cool news articles. But go crazy! 😉 But flash cards, really? I’m not cramming for exams… They work - they really work! I was inspired to use them after taking the internet’s favourite online course, Learning How To Learn (highly recommended!). Part of the course discusses the usefulness of spaced repetition and active recall - two memory techniques that work super well together. They are easily implemented using flash cards: 1) the active recall part is trying to remember the other side of the flash card and 2) the spaced repetition part is reviewing cards over time. What features do you have in the pipeline? I’m building a chrome extension that lets you add articles with 1 click. Other ideas on the roadmap include: conversion to Anki cards, suggested articles below based on what you’ve practiced, gamification/leaderboards, and a weekly email summarising articles you’ve read.
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It uses AI to pick key points? That's really cool, tried it out, it seems accurate as well!
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@aaronoleary Yes. It uses pretty vanilla machine learning to pick out the key points. There are definitely still improvements to be made for the algorithm. But glad to hear you like it 😃

Tried it out for a few articles and it worked surprisingly well. When doing research on a topic I tend to gather many articles in a research folder and this will be a helpful tool for this! :-)


(1) Easy to use, (2) Works pretty well and is (3) Super rad


Did not find any yet

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Thanks Esben. Super excited to hear you like it.
It works surprisingly well, especially with economic articles. Nice job !
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@finn_ba Thanks man! 😃
What do you mean free to sign up for product hunters today? Was it previously not free?
@danirogerc Yep! It was free for early beta users too. It means that anyone who signs up today will get free access to ArticleWise. 😃
@emil_sorensen sounds great! motivated me to give it a go! I would be clear about this is your copy - like free lifetime access only fi you sign up today!
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@danirogerc That's awesome. Glad you decided to try it out! And that's great feedback - thanks!