ArtiBot is an AI-powered chatbot that can collect leads, schedule appointments, accept payments, and even execute custom code. Add this free lead capture bot to your website quickly and easily at to start collecting more leads than ever before.
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18 Reviews5.0/5
ArtiBot looks and feels really great. Honestly, it took me 5 minutes to learn how the tool worked, writing a conversation was extremely easy. Testing them on the go is a huge advantage. The only bad experience I've had is that my conversation didn't save after I was done. It pretty much went back to the template I've chosen... Hopefully, this will get fixed soon, but apart from that, it's a really solid product! Great job makers!
@tobiasz_jankowski Hey Tobiasz, we'll look into this right now. Can you contact us at about the problem? Thanks for the feedback!
Hey Product Hunters 👋 This is Kevin, from ArtiBot. As Keyul mentioned, ArtiBot is an automated website chatbot that can collect leads 24/7, schedule appointments, accept payments and even execute custom code! We’ve been working really hard to create a chatbot that website developers and designers can use to create highly valuable websites for service providers. Best of all, the core features above are all 100% free. Take a look at at any of our ready-to-use chatbot templates at to get started quickly. We’re excited to hear your feedback. Let me know what you think and I’ll be around to answer any questions you may have.

The conversation flow is the easiest one to setup that I've seen in chatbot tools that are out there. Too much value to ignore.


With the API questions, what you can do with this bot is limitless. It's truly a game changer if you're looking to get more leads!


Hard to find something wrong with a free chatbot for your website.

Very useful for startups.. Nice feature is even if someone fails to fill all the details and complete the convo, I can get half baked info from lead dashboard...
@dishavacations Thanks so much for being an ArtiBot user. We're really glad you're getting value out of your bot!
Pros: This is a FREE chatbot, it has many powerful features, and you can even start with a template that is specific to your business. Cons: I wish I had known it about it sooner!