Effortlessly optimize some of your Mac's hidden settings

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"For the price of a cappuccino" — where on earth is a cappucino 15$^^
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@jonas_petermann You are right, we were still experimenting with pricing when it got posted here in PH. It's been updated though
@jonas_petermann #Italy #Greece lol I dont know why I answered when you are totally right !
$15 is pretty expensive when you can get these features and more for free with TinkerTool and Karabiner.
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@andreasbackx wanna hunt TinkerTool? :)
@andreasbackx Oh awesome, didn't realised Tinkertool existed, makes life easier.
@andreasbackx Just to chime in here, you can indeed get this functionality in other tools, but I wanted to make it much simpler for people to use. The price has been updated however.
@seannieuwoudt Great job! These people complaining about the price certainly don't appreciate a simple, useful and polished app.
So, $15 for controlling roughly 15 settings?
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@gopietz The price has been updated.
If it was up to me, I'd make it 99cents and get 15x people buy it :)
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@rajaraodv You have a good point - we'll definitely take it into consideration
People are charging too much for simple tools, whatever happened to giving things away for free?
@kinnth Free doesn't pay the bills ;-)