The world's best art on your Mac desktop

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Similar to Muzei, an Android app that rotates through famous artwork on your homescreen.
Hi, Artful creator here. Thanks for all the interest! Happy to answer any questions. This is my first app on the Mac App store, and my first Swift app. It was something to scratch my own itch. I wanted to be exposed to more art and knew that the best way was to have it right in front of me on the computer, so I collected public domain art and made an app to periodically display a random work as the wallpaper. So far my favorite artist discovered this way is Giovanni Battista Piranesi, for his etchings of Rome. My girlfriend describes the app as "Pandora for art."
@tomkinsc +1 for Swift use!
Just an update that the latest version of Artful can display a different work of art on each display of a multi-monitor setup.