Art Local

The art scene in the palm of your hands

Gets quite handy when you are into art and traveling
@ugurkaner would love to know your thoughts as well on our app. We're live in NYC and have plans to go global. Let me know what you think and how we can tailor the app experience for a user like you.
The scroll-jacking is making it hard to browse this site. Why do so many startups do this? :(
@rrhoover not a big fan of that trend here myself :(
@rrhoover Other than feedback regarding the website, have you been able to test out the app? It's currently available for iOS. Would love your feedback.
Hi, @disruptart! I just downloaded the app but unfortunately no art was found nearby (I live in the tenderloin in San Francisco). What areas do you cover right now?
Hi Guys, I'm Sean (@disruptart) one of the founders of ARTLOCAL (@artlocalapp). Thanks @ugurkaner for submitting us to product hunt! Would love your feedback. We would like to know what you'd like to see in the app and how could we tailor the app to you. Our goal is the ARTLOCAL will be the most widely used app in contemporary art amongst neophytes and seasoned art collectors and everyone in between! Access art via discovery.
As a collector of Contemporary Art, in NYC, this app is really really welcomed and nicely done. It's so hard to find galleries and openings you might like outside of your specific niche. So this is a great start but a lot of galleries are underrepresented, especially in my niche (urban contemporary art, aka street art). I'd love to see more openings listed. There are only a few listed for tomorrow night and Thurs are usually pretty active in NYC. So my positive feedback is "Awesome, I've wanted something like this badly" and my constructive feedback is "MOAR CONTENT"!
Did this ever launch? The website still says coming soon.