Block adult content & ads in Safari.

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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
You've been busy, @nicholassheriff! What's the background on this app (very different from your Santa project). 😊
Nicholas Sheriff
Nicholas SheriffMaker@nicholassheriff · Founder, Medic Ventures
@rrhoover Ha yeah I have Ryan Talking Santa is a on hold project the first mvp was simply can we make an educational platform more engaging for kids and we answered that question then it was off to answering another one....There is actually a lot of history here considering this was called Quest a web browser and was a phenomenal product that had over 100,000 users in 60 countries relying on us to browse the web in a meaningful way. That was 2015, and I realized that my mission has always been simple: To empower and strengthen our connection toward each other by fostering delightful experiences around technology. I'm not in love with technology I'm in love with people and have a fervent obsession to empower especially underserved individuals and unattractive value adding propositions, Sex Education isn't being taught. The pain point here was that parents do not have peace of mind when empowering their kids to jump onto and embrace technology tied to what we know as the mobile web, but it doesn't stop there in 2016 we made history for another reason it was the first time that searches for porn decreased in over a decade, and it was also the first time that the US had its highest porn induced impotence cases for men under 30. I also hate literally all of the producing and shapings of this discussion when it comes to protecting those precious to us, and offering options around taking control of how content gets pushed and fed to you on any computing device. They always make this about "a stereotype" but these are everyday people, wonderful and beautiful people who need our help. So I knew the market was ready and the timing was everything. It wasn't simply about ad blocking it was about empowering people in a way in which they can capture the value they need with more decentralized utilities at their disposal. The next stage is to become more of a platform, meaning Armor members can be encouraged hearing about others going through addiction, can learn about their bodies from sex education experts. Parents can be updated on their child's progress and points of discussion if something should arise. I heard a well-known executive at a top tech company once say "I'm afraid every day I hand my iPad to my child". This is a first step in having a discussion around technology to transform this no long should parents be fearful and concerned, lets start having conversations around listening and understanding only then can we truly innovate. We currently are testing out blocking fake news and self-harming content ( particularly around our intent algorithm ) so it doesn't just try and block at the source but dynamically blocks the experience around the intent funnel so you can't be creative and search for ways to commit suicide.