Brand new novel by Ernest Cline (author of Ready Player One)

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Ready Player One was one of my all-time favorite novels (thanks @bfeld for the recommendation!) Ernest Cline has just released Armada, his highly anticipated new novel. My copy is due for delivery tomorrow so I'll add my review then. Anyone read this yet?
@jtriest I'm a huge fan of Ready Player One too. I'm looking forward to this one.
@jtriest started reading it last night. Just a few chapters in but so far it's definitely the same breed of awesome geeky nostalgia as Ready Player One (in a good way)
Finished this one last night, really enjoyed it. Hope this isn't the last we see of the world Ernie Cline introduced in this one.
@shanerice Can we get Ernie Cline in for an AMA? oh please oh please oh please! he'd make a great fit to our other authors -
I finished it up today. Overall I thought it was a fun read. The story was a little less tight than Ready Player One (which was incredible) but overall I enjoyed it. Really makes me wish personal spaceships would be a thing already too :p
Agreed. Good - fun read and great premise, but felt like Ernie was a little rushed in telling the story. Not as good as Ready Player One which was awesome.
I loved Ready Player One, but it seems like the early consensus on Armada is it's a bit too reference-laden and not as strong on the plot.