Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard built for Laravel 5.5 and up. Comes with over 100 frontend components and out of the box user management and profile editing. Speed up your development and make it look amazing with this frontend + backend solution.
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Hi, I`m Dragos, one of the makers of Argon Dashboard Laravel, together with the guys from UPDIVISION ( and Creative Tim. Whether you're just starting out in web development or you're a sprint veteran, you`re probably thinking the same thing: starting from scratch is time consuming. That`s why we created a new starter dashboard to give developers like yourself an easy way to go from prototyping to a fully-functional web app faster. ArgonDashboard Laravel is released under MIT license, so you can use it both for personal and commercial projects for free. The out of the box CRUD for managing users and profile editing is a must for any app you`re going to build, while the handcrafted frontend components give you the freedom to choose and combine. Also, if you are looking for inspiration or you just want to offer your clients a quick glimpse, the pre-built example pages are a great place to start. Below are some useful links if you want to contribute and give feedback: * Product on Creative Tim: * Live Preview: https://argon-dashboard-laravel.... * GitHub Repo: * Documentation: https://argon-dashboard-laravel.... For those who want more CRUD functionalities (role management, category management, tag and item management), plug-ins (like DateTimePicker, Full Calendar, Sliders etc.) or example pages, please check out the PRO version here. *You can use the coupon "30exclusive-product-hunt" for a 30%Discount. * You can also check out this guide for 6 web apps you can start building right away with the PRO version and the general steps to do so. And don`t forget to let us know what you think in the comments! Your feedback is very valuable, as it helps us make Argon Dashboard Laravel better.