Search the Universe 🌌 is the astronomy cloud that meshes together worldwide astronomers, their activities and data. These activities include observation preparation, night operations, and data management. places all of these tools in one integrated place, designed by astronomers, for astronomers.

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Angelo Embuldeniya
Product Strategist. Investor.
Available as a web app (cloud), mac app (desktop) and API, integrates all sources of astronomical data and information into a unified scheme using modern web techniques. Imagine a world where every resource has a unique, simple, stateless URL and this means every object, every planet, every lightcurve, telegram, FITS file has a simple, unique URL which returns well-formatted fully standard JSON/XML output. Know that you're in a world where your own personal resources: night log, observing runs, reduced data are accessible the same way of focusing on the data and not formatting, through usual individual and group permissions that you personally control. Envision that community-curated information are also accessible that way! Imagine now the list of observing sites are constantly updated, and enhanced by details about domes and telescopes, instruments and detectors which are all accessible freely, always in the same way. A kind of scientific data-based wikipedia is born and it would help people passionate about astronomy to build a bazillion of new services and (web) apps - that is the future of - this is really big and if you jump on board, this can be huge!