Turn floor plans into 3D virtual tours

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This is awesome: Don Draper's apartment
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@andrewett you've made my day with this πŸ’™
@andrewett We completed 50'000'000 sqft (and counting) so we decided to celebrate by giving away 2000 free 3D models. simply use the following link to upload plans:
This has arguably the best 3D floorpan viewer I've ever seen. I just wish it was software that I could use myself instead of a service.
@may_or_maynot - @kaspar_helfrich, are there plans for this to be a future iteration?
@andrewett @may_or_maynot You actually can use your self as well. With the pro-license (free for the first month) you can get your own models online and bake (render) them directly in our cloud. The Draper house was done like this as well. Happy to give you a tour through these functions
@kaspar_helfrich @andrewett You might want to make this more clear... I don't see this anywhere on your website (specifically pricing, where I'd expect to see it)
@may_or_maynot @andrewett Right, the 3D artist feature set is still under development, so we do not yet push this yet. Still, early adopters are very welcome :)
I tested a friend's commercial property and was really impressed by the speed of production. Would have loved to have this when I moved into my apartment.
Very cool. Just signed up and will send through house plans soon.
Really cool! I love it.