The world's first real hoverboard.

#3 Product of the DayJanuary 02, 2016
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I want to know if @CaseyNeistat is going to step up to a real hoverboard...
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@george_campbel Now that's the question that we all should be asking...
Woohoo, ANOTHER first real hoverboard!
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@rossdcurrie 'another'? If we're talking theoretical, and technical, then this is the first real hoverboard.
@tpbtv My point was that there were like 3 products in 2015 claiming to be the world's first hoverboard (Hendo, Slide and I remember there being one other). Your comment seems to be more based around what constitutes a real hoverboard.
So I think there are a lot of products tackling the same space... At close to $20k I can't see this flying off (virtual and physical) shelves (no pun intended) in the masses it would need to in order to become THE product to have in this space. For that price, I'd also want something that looks more elegant and 'cool'. I can't see video evidence of this hovering over many other terrains, when it claims to go over water etc. Of course the jump that something like this helps make will inspire others and I think in a few years we are going to have some really amazing products in this space. I'm concerned that even in the photos, the rider looks like he is feeling very unstable haha.
@bentossell Also, I don't see any evidence of propulsion or stabilisation technology. At $20k it's literally twice the price that Hendo was offering its boards at.
@bentossell you have to think of it as if you're not paying $20K for the board, but for freedom
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@rossdcurrie unless we pave the world in metal plates the Hendo isn't a real transportation option. At least this device can be improved to a point where it's a viable option.
This is a great first version. Once it becomes, three times smaller and 1/20th the price, it will catch on.
@mjmcclain I have to agree with the price, it's a little 'too far up in the sky'.