Opensource freelance market driven by community

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Hello fellow product hunters! We would like to present you our Telegram Bot which is essentially a freelance market with over 800 users so far. Our main goal is to create a community driven freelance market that doesn't have owners who want to make profit on every single deal between clients and freelancers. It's completely free and will be opensource as soon as we hit milestone of 1000 users (200 users to go so far) — we just needed time to clean up the code 😅 It is cross-platform as it's based on Telegram app (which is cross-platform by itself). All of us — developers — worked on this project for free in our spare time (we all have jobs) and we intend to never make profit of this freelance market. Let's get it straight: classic freelance market systems are made for profit, managed by big companies and hence outdated by definition. They can't quickly change their set of features by user's demand. ArbeitBot can change rapidly satisfying both freelancers and clients. Our main advantages are outlined on the website, so please do check it out! Thanks for letting us into your hospitable family Product Hunt, we will try to match your expectations! And please ask any questions you have — we will be more than happy to answer 👍
In case if anybody is wondering: we have reached more than 1140 users so far and just open-sourced all code here: Thank you a lot for your support! ❤️
Really hope this project kicks off and attracts the attention it deserves (from developers in the community and freelancers)
Sounds interesting, I wanted to register but having a problem. It says, that there is a problem with creating an account but it doesn't specify
@eva_cechurova Can you please write us at