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Appydev is a hand picked collection of tools, resources, communities & podcasts for developers, designers enthusiasts & the curious ones who are always on the internet in search of things that make them more productive and skilled.
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Hey @mddanishyusuf Thanks for hunting appydev. I have been collecting them for years and actively using them as well, and the list will keep getting updated actively and you can submit your own. ⚙️ A huge directory of actually useful tools, resources, apps. You can filter them by categories, pricing, open source & even see their pricing. 🌱 You will find some really interesting communities along with ways to join them. 🎙Some really cool podcasts for developers, designers & tech enthusiasts. 📨 You can mail yourself a set of interesting things from the directory, so you don't lose them. I hope you find them useful.
@mddanishyusuf @fayaz_aralikatti Congrats on the launch. This looks like a super fun resource — it's clear you put a lot of effort into this.
Congratulations on the launch!
@nizamaniathar Thanks ! Hope you liked it. Let me know if any product needs to be listed
Congrats on the launch! Clean UI and really high-quality tool curation.
@attaulla09 Thanks bro & thanks for the help on this.
that's some deep down work man nooiiiccceeeeeeeee 🔥
@iamarnob6543 Thank you! Hope you liked it. I really like your curls app btw!