Appunfold 2.0

User on-boarding & self help for mobile apps

Appunfold 2.0 is a mobile adoption platform for businesses to ease on-boarding, adopt to new features and reduce training effort.

Plug & Play tool to create Progressive On-boarding, Live visual Walkthrough's & Contextual self-help for mobile Apps with NO developer's effort.

Experience live demo on your Android Device via our APK

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16 Reviews5.0/5
Hi Everyone, It’s Sudhakar, Maker of Appunfold. Today we’re super excited to present Appunfold with the Product Hunt community after months of hard work! Thanks for hunting @kwdinc Why Appunfold? In today’s scenario developers time + cost is very high, delivering a great intuitive Onboarding & guided walkthrough are unfeasible due to resource constraints + time. It’s time to empower Product Manager’s with codeless Plug & Play tool to iterate changes and push content in real time. Current Appunfold features:  Progressive On-boarding  Live Multiscreen Walkthrough's  In-app Contextual self-help  Screen tour / Coachmarks  In-app targeting tooltips and Modals  Supports Native Android & iOS What we’re working on:  In-depth user Segmentation  Multilingual support  ARM framework I’ll be around to answer questions and explain Appunfold’s awesome features, please ask me anything!

Without developer's much effort, we can integrate this plug and play SDK from Appunfold and it is very useful in creating personalized onboarding.


Self-help feature is super-useful to add FAQs on the app


Would be great to allow tracking user actions

Hey @jitesh_dugar, thank you for the feedback. It's wonderful working you and the team. Your feedback has been valuable, and it's helped us in the long run. Thanks again.
Super-excited to see Appunfold being featured here on PH. We've been using Appunfold at Drivezy for over 1 year now and we can't be happier to be watching the 2.0 release. Here's how Appunfold has made life simpler for us - 1. Contextual self-help for our on-ground staff to allow them to use the app with ease 2. Create FAQs with visual screen walkthroughs that makes app learning seamless 3. Push in-app modals that can serve as notifications 4. Super-easy plug and play that takes minimal effort to integrate. It's literally just one line of code The setup process to add FAQs and screens was a little time-taking, but it was definitely worth the effort. Our on-ground staff loved it :)
@jitesh_dugar Thanks Jitesh for reviewing us. Fortunate to have you guys as our early customer. Interactions with you & your team helped us build & shape our Product. Our vision was always to create superior experience to end users. We're very glad that you loved it ;)
Just signed up, looks great. How is it different from Walkme or Pendo? Does Appunfold provide a different value?
@devashish_m Glad that you asked. Currently both Walkme & Pendo are mainly focussed on providing solution to Web & other thick clients. Although Pendo has recently acquired, their mobile offering is not yet released. We are the only platform to support true cross screen walkthrough with zero code