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#5 Product of the DayFebruary 28, 2017
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Not sure if Growsumo is behind this or not. However, apparently this stash is directly pulled out from Growsumo marketplace: 'AppStash' has listed 33 companies- 32 companies from Growsumo marketplace listing of 60 companies+Gsuite. Sigh! You can add the rest 28 companies from Growsumo in a few weeks and hunt it again as AppStash 2.0.
Hey Guys, Shubham here maker of Appstash, We created Appstash to show curated and new startups in the market offering great tools and services.
@shubhamrajelli Awesome, great quality list! Really happy to be in it with Salesflare.
@jeroen_corthout Thanks, Awesome to have Salesflare onboard
Hi there. Nice to see you on PH. What makes AppStash different from other 'stashes' or something like
@johnsteerfowler We list handpicked tools and services which we personally find will have a good impact on the market.
@shubhamrajelli thanks for the reply. Isn't that the whole idea of a stash?
@johnsteerfowler Well just another stash then it is ;)
@shubhamrajelli 😄 good luck Shubham, It's always nice to see people contributing, no matter how many stashes there are already
Nice. One upvote for you. Simple, use friendly, and helpful. For another stash, this is so great already. Thank you! p/s: I will email you shortly about submitting our app to your stash ;)