UI Sound packs for apps, games, and any product

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Lifetime supply of sounds for a UX designer

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Hi everyone, I know how much time you can spend searching the right sound for app. That's why I've made this project. I hope it will be useful for you! Get 20% off with code, "PRODUCTHUNT", or with links: Thanks @kwdinc for hunting me! Roman Zimarev, Founder of Appsounds
@romazimarev Awesome work Roman!
@imakestrides Thanks a lot, Kyle!
@romazimarev @kwdinc This is awesome! At TOPDOX we will give it a try!
@isss111 @kwdinc Great, I definitely must check this out :)
@romazimarev @kwdinc does "ui sound kit" contains "click and pop ui sound set" or they are mutually exclusive?
Elaborately designed sound packs for apps, games or any other digital products. Checkout the sample sounds
Using Appsounds in Coinverter 2 (which will came out soon). The sounds are so rad. You will find the right one for each action because of rich variety in the set.
@grozyan Thanks Pavlo, Waiting for your Converter 2!
Well done Roman. Think this is a great idea. Double up votes from me. Dale
@dale_beaumont Nice to hear that! Thank you Dale
Very handy! Having sounds organized into kits this way takes a lot of the work out of finding sound FX for a project.
@decktonic Right! Main purpose was to make the library fast and easy to use and also to make all the sounds harmonized. That's why UI Sounds kit consists of several sets sorted by style with all the necessary sounds in each of them. Thanks for your feedback, Christian!