Apply Pixels 2.0

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Apply Pixels is a resource platform with downloadable and evolving ui kits, icon templates, presentation packs and a wealth of other high quality design resources. Our goal is to empower creatives through resources.
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Great work guys...there is no better resource for icon templates! If you create icons this is the thing!
@srioz Thanks Martin, really appreciate it. As someone who has worked with icons for many years I have just come to expect so much of these tools. I'm glad that it's paying off for other icon designers.
Hi PH 👋 TLDR: We launched a brand new version of and I wrote about all the new stuff here I was terrified when I launched my resource platform back in 2016. It was scary to take something I had been working on for years and attempt to turn it into a sustainable business. My promise back then was to keep growing the library of resources while keeping existing tools up to date. As long as people would want to subscribe to the site, I could continue to dedicate time towards producing more resources. Maybe even hire someone to help me in this quest. Well I’m here to tell you that we succeeded. Last year I was able to hire Emil to help me further expand the platform and we now have more than 50 premium resources on the site with more coming every month. We’ve released lots of free tools too and we’ve written articles and made videos to help make design more approachable, to help people jump over technical obstacles and deliver their best work. It has been humbling to be the canvas of other people’s creativity. Today We’re excited to introduce Apply Pixels 2.0 We’ve rebuilt everything from scratch to prepare us for a future with an ever growing library of design tools. All of our existing templates have received updates and you’ll find that the site looks different and has several new features. One of the most requested ones is that you can now purchase single templates on a pay-per-resource basis. We’d love to hear what you think of the new site.
I've been using Apply Pixels since probably the first product was released and I have never been disappointed. @michael_flarup is awesome in terms of communication (newsletters are great and fun to read) but responds to questions/inquiries quickly. I don't think I have an App/Website that I've worked on that isn't using one of the icon templates from Apply Pixels.
@sal_aldana Thanks Sal, really means a lot to me. This is exactly why I'm so excited about working on these tools— I feel like we're making a difference 🙏