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Nice work! But $9 a month? That's a much as as Netflix subscription.. Don't see the long term value to have a recurring payment..
@kmnei that's yearly 60$ minus tax is approx 50$ = 4 bucks a month.... not that bad...
@kmnei Hi Karim, to be fair – you don't use Netflix to make money. A lot of people use these templates in highly paid consulting projects or to create products that generate income. They enable designers to shave off a lot of hours and get results faster. It's hard to put a price on that. Some of these tools, like the iOS App Icon Template, have evolved over years (and with more than a million downloads). The idea behind the subscription, rather than a one-off payment, was a tough choice. But ultimately, these things evolve and one of the core principles behind the move from my free to this, was that I wanted to be able to support this far into the future - updating existing templates when requirements change and slowly but surely adding new ones to the collection. In that light, the subscription model made more sense to me. :)
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@kmnei @j00st In other words, the equivalent of 1 billable hour to a client for the typical graphic designer in the US or Europe.
@kmnei @flarup The way I see it, whenever anyone downloads a free tool like the App Icon Template, they are directly benefitting from someone else's labor and productivity at no cost to themselves, and often that free labor/productivity is making money for the user. This goes to the heart of the freebie & open source ethos. A lot of us put a lot of time, effort, and expertise into creating really high-quality tools that we share for free. We have no obligation to do so. So asking for $5-9 per month - the equivalent of about 10 minutes of billable time for the typical freelance graphic designer in the US or a European country - for an ever-growing library of tools from which one can pick-and-choose as needed, is a negligible amount. Or, one could be a jerk and just say, "Well, try creating the same resources yourself and decide which is a higher price: the scores of hours needed to create the same quality of tools or $9 (10-12 minutes of billable time)"? If you won't use the tools very often then yeah, it's probably not a good fit. But criticizing the price when it's not a product you need is like me complaining about the price of dentures. I don't need them, so it really doesn't affect me, but somebody who does need them probably values them a bit higher. Sure, those of us who make free tools for others get some benefit from it in the form of the designer's favorite form of payment: Exposure. But just like the exposure so many clients want to pay us with, the exposure from my free goods hasn't generated enough revenue to buy a cup of coffee, much less pay for food, my mortgage, etc. Apply Pixels isn't a service that I need, but it's a great idea. The unfortunate downside of Open Source and Creative Commons is that it has given people a sense that they are entitled to free stuff.
Michael's work is always extremely well executed and of highest quality. You have no idea how many hours I have saved thanks to his icon templates. I have only used the Watch and App template, but I’m looking forward to play with the other templates. I definitely think the price is worth it.
@terkelg Thanks Terkel, I really appreciate it. To be honest, I struggled a lot with the decision to move from a free resource to a paid model. But ultimately, I realised that if I wanted it to grow beyond I needed to make it sustainable. I'm really glad you're supporting it.
Nice, major time-saver for sure, creating the right file size for every asset can be the longest, most tedious part of app design -- but not sure how a subscription model makes sense here.
@elizabethhunker Thanks Elizabeth. Hopefully the subscription model will make more sense as time progresses and more templates are added to the collection, while existing ones are updated. For those who just want to purchase a single template the current, albeit not super elegant, solution is to buy a 1 month subscription and then cancel right away. That gives people access to all of the stuff for a full month. People can then always come back in the future and buy another month if other interesting templates have been added or vital changes have been made to existing ones.
@flarup @elizabethhunker I understand you put it a lot of hours to create these templates. I have no problem paying for them. However, you just said that you most probably won't be adding "interesting templates" or "making vital changes" every month and you suggested that I subscribe and cancel. This shows how much your monthly subscription is unfair, especially that your customers won't be getting daily value from it. It makes it look like you want to maximize your revenue with recurring payments from subscriptions that some customers might forget to cancel.
@kmnei @elizabethhunker Wait, Where did I say that? One of the selling points I'm highlighting is exactly that a new template will be added every month and that existing resources will be kept up to date. We've got some pretty amazing templates coming up. I understand that the subscription service isn't for everyone, people are more used to one-off purchases. The problem with that for a lot of design tools, is that the requirements change over time. If we are to have anything close to 'industry standards' we need to continually revise them. I think a subscription will fit that model better, but people are free to buy single months as I described above - if continued access to the revised templates or new ones aren't important to them.
I have used his templates. They are very well designed and save you a lot of time. Awesome stuff. Thanks @flarup
Thanks for hunting this Kevin, had figured I'd wait till the platform matured a bit but I guess the cat is out of the bag now 😂. Apply Pixels have actually been underway for a long time. I've long wanted to create a sustainable design resource platform with industry standard tools. I wrote a bit about why I think people should join here – I'd love to answer any questions you guys might have. Cheers.