Apple watchOS 4

New watch, Siri, and Apple Music faces

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I haven't found a strong use case for Apple Watch (for me) but the AirPod music integration they demoed at WWDC might get me over the edge.
@rrhoover same. I really WANT to want the Apple Watch. However, I don't.
@angus_halen @rrhoover as someone who has trouble remembering calendar/to-dos all day, the subtle wrist vibrations have become indispensable.
New from Apple's watchOS 4: - More watch faces (with more Disney characters!) - New Siri-centric face, with smart notifications - New Apple Music face for your music (with AirPod integration!) - Achievement Progress updates for your athletic goals - Two-way communication with gym equipment (Life Fitness, Cybex, Schwinn, Startrac, and StairMaster) - Flashlight mode & emergency flasher - Native core bluetooth support
The tag line says "new watch". Eh?
I have a gen 1 apple watch. I always referred to it as Apple's public beta product and use it mainly for time / quick notifications and amateur health monitoring (so it meets my needs). The new series 2 hardware was a step in the right direction and watchOS 4 keeps pushing things forward... albeit at glacier speed. They need to do a full re-launch of hardware and software down the line. It seems the smart watch category has fallen asleep as no one has nailed it. Apple could still dominate here at some point, Woody as my watch face isn't super compelling. Meh, it's a free update. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
and yet, still no custom faces. a part of me believes it'll never happen, as apple are obviously intentionally avoiding this feature, and yet it still feels so inevitable