Apple Watch Series 5

The new Apple Watch with always-on Retina display

Apple today announced Apple Watch Series 5, debuting an Always-On Retina display that never sleeps, so it’s easy to see the time and other important information, without raising or tapping the display.
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Always On. Compass. That's it? They've had a year.
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@jeff_krieger Completely agree. I was recently made aware of a survey that asked apple customers "Is an older model of the iPhone a 'good enough' model of the iPhone?" and the resounding majority responded "yes". An unfortunate result that communicates the lack of perceived innovation from one model to the next.
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@jeff_krieger @greg_allen3 But is it? The biggest I reason I see going with Apple as a no-brainer is the long-lastingness of their products. They remain functional and feel feature-rich for years, and the fact that they don't feel old despite their age is that they're still better than the competitors' products.
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@greg_allen3 @jesusfacostap I have a Series 4. Always On is super exciting. I just want a bit more if they want me to upgrade. Literally two new features for a new model.
@greg_allen3 @jeff_krieger Yeah, I completely agree. I just think they know, and even maybe intend, that people's upgrade cycle is two years at best. I mean, I have an iPhone 7 and I see no reason to upgrade, maybe next year...
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@greg_allen3 @jesusfacostap Oh they want nothing more than for you to upgrade each year. They are losing profit in a big way when people started settling for every other year. Well...give me a reason to upgrade. Like more than two features. I still might actually. But c'mon.
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How many years will it take before we can have Spotify offline sync on the Apple Watch. Literally the only feature I want the watch for, is to be able to run and listen to music without my phone.
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@bill_trammel Buy a cellular one. Stream while you run.
@bill_trammel watchOS has had the APIs available for third party developers like Spotify to implement offline sync since last fall, with watchOS 5. The issue has been raised a lot on their community forums too. When watchOS 6 is released later this month, Spotify will have the APIs to stream over LTE for cellular watches, but they'll probably find an excuse not to implement that either.. :|
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Still don't have one but the always on Retina display is a big incentive
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@aaronoleary I know right? The always on screen was one of the reasons I purchased a different brand of smart watch but it was a shame that their apps and services were god awful. I don't think you would miss out too much on getting a series 3/4
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@manny_orduna Yeah think I agree there, might see what the price drops too on the older models now. I am pretty old school with my watches though
@aaronoleary @manny_orduna 4>3. Don't even think about a 1 or 2. Those were test models. I've had each of them.
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I just bought a MiBand 4 for just $30
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It's not for the series 4 users, but for the series 3 users guys.
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