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We had the pleasure of working with the Planet of the Apps team on their announcement of the series. At the time I didn't have any insight into how it would be distributed but it's becoming more clear. 😀
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This was the missing piece of the AppleTV experience. Now you won't have to dig around in and out of apps, tracking down where you were on that show... "was it on Hulu? or Netflix? Oh, HBO?" It seems like many don't see the significance of this, but it's going to make this a million times better.
Search issues: Apple TV TV app on the App Store
@bentossell according to the PR it's not available until December.
"We're calling it TV" -Tim Cook "Brilliant" -Me
It's an Appalish version of Android TV within an app. Good to see some hints of their new design language here and there. Wonder when this app will actually be your Apple TV's home screen.