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For all the web developers: "New templates using XML and Javascript are also available as a framework for tvOS apps, so you can use predefined layouts and Javascript APIs to quickly create beautiful apps ideal for streaming media."
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The new Apple TV looks awesome. It's running tvOS, has a new remote with touch surface and Siri-support, and has universal search so you can easily search through all your shows. They've also added some cool gaming features.
@erictwillis We're starting our app build right now. Can't wait.
@odower Very cool app - can't wait to check it out more.
AppleTV has had a big impact on my habits. I've now lived without mainstream TV channels for 3+ years. I'm excited by this update. I'm guessing older gen 3 Apple TVs will not be upgradable to the new OS
@paul_s_kemp unlikely to get the update
@filipmares I don't think there's any update, because of the new hardware. The device looked significantly bigger so I guess the others are just legacy
@paul_s_kemp going through the developers docs and it mentions that older gens aren't supported. :-(
@samatrouh downvote :( but I'm not too sad since I'm upgrading anyway. I was just hoping I could keep using the old one for another TV.
I was really hoping for a find my remote feature. Either a button on the ATV box or using iPhone -- anyone else?
@daniellevine The Remote is Bluetooth , so yes you can use your phone think
@daniellevine Well... we can try to write an app for that now? :P
I actually use my Roku box more than my Apple TV for Netflix, Amazon, Rdio, and Pandora. I'm not sure this upgrade will win me over.
@chrismessina of course there're lots of great boxes already. But the beauty is in the integrations with other iDevices, and the App Store I guess :)
@chrismessina Do you use it for games?
@bradenhamm I don't, no. But I do use my iDevices for casual gaming.
@chrismessina Is that because you're not into games, or you just don't like that method of playing games. I'm asking because it seems like I'll use it a lot with the new Apple TV, for myself and my kids, but maybe it won't be as fun in practice?
@bradenhamm mostly a matter of time. I'm sure the kids would enjoy App Store games on tvOS.