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Available in NL only. but probably soon everywhere else. Looks like the extension of the Apple twitter account for support + Genius meeting schedule
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@ourielohayon How can NL be the first? Is this a project based here? NL is normally the 2nd or 3rd wave.
@glennvdplaat they test it there...
@glennvdplaat @ourielohayon my best guess is they picked a smaller market than the US to experiment with it, make sure it worked, before they dropped it on their largest app store and caused a rukus?
Amazing, #Apple is so ahead of the curve, love this concept -- "customer support." What will they think of next? Please more 16GB iphones
Every single experience I have heard from tech-savvy colleagues, as well as including myself with the Apple Store Genius bar have been absolutely horrible. When a hardware device has an issue such as Macbook keyboard not working or LCD screen flashing, it's mind boggling to me why Apple wouldn't accept a device drop off at an appointment time, letting their customer move on with their life. Instead, you need to wait the genius to go through the hopeless diagnosis process, more diagnosis in the back when you already knew they won't be able to fix it in the store. Then you need to file papers and 45 minutes have passed. This is not to mention that the store staff frequently couldn't tell the difference between Macbook models even in the sales department. E.x., in Stanford shopping center, they still believe all Macbook 12 has m7 processor and would bring up a m3 machine when you request a m7 model, while insisting it is a m7 with the m3 printed on the box. I hope the app helps with these issue.
I believe it will be available in other countries soon, because it has already been translated to Chinese, German, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Portugese, Spanish, Trad. Chinese, Turkish and Swedish. The app feels very fast and responsive, and looks amazing. You will be able to get a solution to your Apple-related problems in no time. This is the future of Apple support.
Not available in US store yet