Apple Search Ads Book

The ultimate guide to running + optimizing Apple search ads

We've analyzed 1,000 campaigns, 200,000 keywords and $3 million spent and now break down everything you need to know about running, scaling & optimizing Apple Search Ads.

Five chapters:

Ch 1. Introduction to ASA

Ch 2. How to set up ASA

Ch 3. Keyword and bidding strategies

Ch 4. How to analyze ASA

Ch 5. Managing, Scaling & Successful Strategies

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Hey, everyone! Thank you so much for featuring our book, Eric! To write the book, we've analyzed 1,000 campaigns, 200,000 keywords and $3 million spent and developed winning optimization strategies that would help app developers get the most out of Apple Search Ads. In the book, you will find 5 chapters: Chapter 1: Introduction to Apple App Store Ads. First things first, so here you will learn why app developers use this channel for acquiring users. In this chapter, you will also find an overview of the Apple Search Ads dashboard and campaign structure. Chapter 2: How to set up Apple App Store Ads. A step-by-step guide with screenshots to opening an account and setting up your first campaign. Chapter 3: How to choose keywords and bids for your ads. Developing keyword and bidding strategies from A to Z. Here we answer the question what an app relevance score is. We'll show how to choose, add and optimize keywords to drive high-quality traffic and scale results. Chapter 4: How to analyze Apple App Store Ads. In this chapter, we explain how to interpret results you get and bridge Apple Search Ads analytics with your app attribution partners. Chapter 5: Managing, Scaling, and Successful Strategies. The greatest strategies for keywords, audiences, budgets, and visuals we've found so far that help you get, keep and grow the number of installs with lowering a cost per tap. Get your copy now, guys! And let me know your thoughts. :) Feedback is always welcome.
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Hi, I'm Max, a founder of SearchAdsHQ. Hope you guys will love the book! Feel free to reach me out if you have any questions regarding Apple Search Ads optimization. 🙌
awesome book for Search Ads newbies and for Pro's!
@ilia_kukharev Thanks a lot for your feedback!
Omg! An ad platform that I know diddlysquat about. I completely forget about Apple Ads. Great idea for an ebook on this. Dope🚬🚬
Absolutely cool stuff. I will definitely put in the bookmarks!
@nedudi Thanks so much, Dmitry! Did you enjoy our comics? :)