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App Launchpad is an App Screenshot Builder for App Store and Google Play which is completely free . Reasons we built this tool: Making screenshots has always been a tedious task for every App Developer. Sometimes we pay a Designer other times we use a paid tool to make screenshots. But App release iterations are so frequent task, that we felt there should definitely be some simpler & cheaper way to do this. Difference between App Launchpad and other Screenshots Builder 1) Its 100% FREE. 2) It gives more variety of Original & Custom devices for iOS and Android. 3) It provide Filters (like Instagram) which are combinations of best color, device and font style, to give your screenshot Designer touch in one click. Would love to hear your thoughts!
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@neetusingh1791 Great call! ran into this issue last month 👍🏼
Thanks @brenny_buoy I am glad that I reduced one of your problems✌️
@neetusingh1791 Yep, same need occurred to me
@steve__gertz definitely use this tool and let us know if you have any feedbacks for us.
@neetusingh1791 @kkksoriya hey tried this out. we updated our screenshots - Couple of questions 1) I want to change some text and stuff. When I log in , I cant find my previous work. Do i need to do the whole thing all over? (bummer) 2) ipad missing. is that something you guys are working on? love the #madeinindia tag! :)
This looks way better than .. Will using it for our next project! Good job!
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@kaiburghardt That means a lot to us :)
With LaunchKit retiring this will be great!
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Thanks @shashwatpradhan for your good words.
We are a team of 2 & have built this product in a very short period of time with many sleepless nights.😴 So if you guys find any bug feel free to mail us at or We will fix it. :)
@kkkosariya Awesome that you made it available free. May I ask, how do you plan to support longterm, as it is 100% free? Do you plan to add paid features? Or you have other startups supporting this? Asking out of curiosity. :)
@patelnachiket @kkkosariya Thanks Nachiket. In the near future we are not planning any paid version of our tool. The only favour we will be expecting in return from you guys will be that you share it with your friends.😄✌️
@kkkosariya Super cool product. Tried it but it only gives me options for iPhone and none for Android..
@raybesiga App Launchpad has options for both iPhone & Android. email me at with more details so that I can help you out.
This looks way better than the ones in the market currently. Using it for our next app!
Thanks @kwdinc would love to see your screenshots .. :)
Thanks @kwdinc for hunting us. You are the Best dude. 😎✌️