Icon generator for App Store & Play Store submissions.

#2 Product of the DayApril 23, 2017
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Generate the full icon set required for Apple App Store and Google Play Store submissions.
I've tried it. Took a little bit long time to generate but it worked OK.
@csaba_kissi We improved the speed. ;)
Looks like the directory of all icons generated is open to all !
@v2s2c Fixed. Thanks for the feedback!
Just tried it out and there's one small issue. I use a download manager like IDM on Windows and what's happening is that once I get the icons generated and I download one of them, it redirects to a blank page and I can't download the rest. Could you fix that? If I press back, I need to re-upload the image again.
@karan_rajpal We improved the speed by optimizing the image processing. Thanks for the feedback!
That's very cool. SO just needs a really high res icon and then all the promo content will be set? Did you try Android Asset Studio?