Icon generator for App Store & Play Store submissions.


Edi Budimilic
@edi_budimilic · CEO of making life as fun as it can be.
Generate the full icon set required for Apple App Store and Google Play Store submissions.
Csaba Kissi
@csaba_kissi · Developer & maker of Hunter Analysis
I've tried it. Took a little bit long time to generate but it worked OK.
@v2s2c · Engineer,Developer,Traveller
Looks like the directory of all icons generated is open to all ! https://appiconizer.com/temp/
Edi Budimilic
@edi_budimilic · CEO of making life as fun as it can be.
We are very surprised by the amount of traffic we got and especially your feedback. We kept on and still updating the service as we speak (this is why some of you might get endless uploading at times). AppIconizer is something we need and we plan on working on more improvements with new feedback. One important note: no ads, ever! We really don't like those :… See more
Karan Rajpal
Just tried it out and there's one small issue. I use a download manager like IDM on Windows and what's happening is that once I get the icons generated and I download one of them, it redirects to a blank page and I can't download the rest. Could you fix that? If I press back, I need to re-upload the image again.