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by Ben Tossell (Community Lead, Product Hunt)


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Anatoly Sharifulin — CEO & Co-Founder at
Hello Product Hunters,

Just before Christmas we managed to release a feature we’ve been working for the past few months. This is 💰Sales & Downloads reports monitor for Slack. It supports both App Store & Google Play. Now, you can receive all your sales data directly to Slack so it can be shared with whole team.

So, together with reviews, ranks, keywords & other updates, we have sales & downloads on the list. To try it right now just:

1. Register or sign in;
2. Setup App Store & Google accounts (learn more );
3. Now daily & weekly reports are in your Slack.

We’ll be glad to hear your feedback and as well learn what we can change for better. Share with us what you like about the update and what still needs to be improved.

This particular feature was inspired a lot by LaunchKit.

Meanwhile, we’ll continue our hard work on making AppFollow best Slack integration for all app developers, marketing and product managers 🤘🏼

🎄Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! 🎄

CEO & Co-Founder
Katya Fedyunina — Storia Inc, Head of Marketing Russia
I've been using AppFollow for more than a year, it helps the whole team to stay updated about rankings by categories and keywords, follow the progress and receive alerts if something goes wrong (users will always tell you). It is quite a simple tool, but it helps a lot!
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