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I'm curious why I would use this instead of just exposing my own webview? Seems like a good idea, but could do with a bit more details about the features on the landing page 😬
@krishan711 Good question. The reason I built this was because I like to dabble with small side project apps all the time, most of which don't have dedicated back ends or websites associated with them. In that scenario, setting up my own website to point the webview at is a pain. Having FAQs in my 5 small apps is going to save me about 10 to 30 emails a month, and stay inside the developer plan, which is what I'm hoping others find useful enough to sign up for too! EDIT: My MX records were boinked last night when I switched DNS providers and I haven't been receiving emails. All fixed now, but if you want a coupon please resend your email. Sorry about that! EDIT: I'm still looking to build out my first core group of users for beta testing. If you are willing to give me feedback as you integrate AppFaqs into your product please click the following link, which will get you a 50% off (forever) discount applied to your account:
This seems expensive for what it is...
@gizboz1 What do you think would be a better pricing structure? Is there a price point that would make you buy it today? For smaller indie developers like myself, I think $4.99 a month is a great deal. In particular, apps that don't have a dedicated backend (or lean on services like Parse), might spend 1-2 hours getting a web based FAQ live that they can point to inside of their app rather than ten minutes with AppFaqs. Multiply that across a couple different apps and you've saved yourself several hours of fairly boring work not to mention saved yourself a few more hours in support costs.
@mattsencenbaugh As far as pricing goes, I think you may have more success charging a subscription for a bunch of support-related products for app developers. I don't know, just my thoughts.
Props on building this, but I'm confused why people wouldn't just use a table view in the app? I'm guessing the pain point your addressing is that I have to update the app to change the FAQs, but that doesn't seem like that big of a deal. If that is a big deal for a growing, fast moving app, odds are they have a website and can just use a web view. You could also just make a data collection of FAQs on Parse and query it if you're alreadying relying on it
@jmsuth Agreed. I haven't any ideas now, but I feel like this model can actually grow to become a need in the developer community. Right now it is just a maybe _slightly_ better replacement for a table view, but it needs a wow factor.
@jmsuth Internally it is a table view that gets loaded up from a remote source. The best use case for the product in it's current state is for a solo developer that doesn't want to go through the effort of creating a website + webview for all of their apps. Other upsides here include a native feel (I've always hated how clunky webviews are) and the ability to instantly update the questions. While you could just update the FAQs every time you update the app, that still leaves a lot of room for customer discomfort. If you release an app that has a bug, you've got to fix it and then wait for Apple's approval process. After that you have to hope that all of your users update their app so they see the updated FAQ. With instant update you get the ability to inform users of ongoing situations, etc.
No need for app updates to change your FAQs. Update your FAQ page on Appfaqs and it's instantly shown in your app.
Awesome, focused product guys! At @SupportKit ( we provide an SDK that gives context-sensitive FAQs in a gorgeous UI and in-app messaging that connects to Slack, Email, Help Scout, Zendesk or your favourite CRM. We're available on iOS, Android and Web. Check us out if you want a solution that does a bit more than AppFaqs.