Appbot Riley

Never leave your pets alone at home with this smart robot

#4 Product of the DayJune 03, 2017
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"Never let your pets alone at home with this robot." Because the robot will kill your pets 😂. 😿🔪🤖
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@erickbarron86 that's what I read. Title needs work.
Too bad Riley can't play fetch (yet?).
10 minutes and Riley's finished,with our dog. 😄
**Never *leave* your pets alone at home**
The pet sitter idea is not great but Riley sounds like a fun toy! Let me know when it can do stairs!!
@benjaminefox what if they added propellers to it so it could fly up the stairs in drone mode!!
@covercash lol! my savannah is 3:0 against RC flying things as it stands