Tool to understand customer feedback across all channels

Appbot’s new Custom Data Sources tool allows any organization to automatically analyze the feedback trends of any large body of text feedback. We’ll show trends in sentiment and topics so you can improve faster.Import help desk tickets, social media messages, and over 1000 other data sources via Zapier.

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Hey Hunters! Thanks for checking out Appbot. Myself and @stuartkhall would love any feedback you have to share on our new Custom Data Sources feature, our Zapier integration or our redesign. The core Appbot product was built for mobile app developers, allowing them to monitor, analyze and action their app reviews quickly and easily. Since we started Appbot we’ve received a lot of requests from users wanting to analyze all of their customer feedback, using the same toolset they use for app reviews. Custom Data Sources allows any organization to quickly and easily analyze a large body of text feedback from any source, like support tickets, social media or survey responses. We automatically analyze the feedback to show trends in sentiment and content. This makes it much easier for organizations to action the complaints and requests of users at scale, and saves hundreds of hours per month that would be spent categorizing the feedback manually. We offer a full featured free trial - head over to to check it out!
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Another amazing product from Western Australia. So impressed with the Appbot team and what they produce. Well done on the new custom data sources and redesign.
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@milesb Thanks! We appreciate your support :)
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