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Track the time you spend on your apps daily

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So what this basicly does is require you to make a screenshot of your battery page every day and then it can extract the contents into a day by day overview? I know iOS limits what you can do but this seems like a very crappy user journey.
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@danielkegel yes I agree it's not ideal. But it takes no battery and is quite efficient.
Hello Product Hunt, We built a tool for iOS to keep track of the time you spend on your apps and phone daily. Just a simple screenshot of your battery page in the morning and we automatically keep a track of all your app usage. Unlike Moment, all your data & screenshots will stay only on the phone. Just like the Not Hotdog app, we used a local image detection framework. "All images are processed without ever leaving their phone. This provides users with a snappier experience (no round trip to the cloud), offline availability, and better privacy.” We are looking to bring in graphs, trends, csv exports in upcoming versions based on the user demand. If you are looking for app usage tracking on Android you can use Instant:
Misleading text in the app description in App Store: 'Automatically track time spent on your apps.' This is not automatic. Sorry but paying $1.99 for this solution isn't exactly worth it.
@imran_hussain1 hi Imran, it is not completely automatic. Shall edit the description. It definitely is not meant for everyone. We built it for people really looking to get a tab on their productivity.
So, what does it do that other apps like "Moments" don't do? What's the USP? I've used Moments to track my usage and it's annoying having to go in to setting/battery and then take a screenshot, etc. etc. blah, blah, blah. I understand that the sandboxed nature of iOS prevents an app such as yours from monitoring other apps in the background, or from querying an OS task scheduler, so is this just another app that's useless unless I'm ADD enough to go through the whole screenshot process? How accurate is the screenshot reading? Why is this better than me just going in to settings/battery once a week, hitting the little clock and choosing to view the last 7 days? You can only get daily use if I go in and take a screenshot everyday, yes? I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, an app that DID track my usage of the device in a noninvasive way - I'd like to stick that on my kids devices so I could prove to them that they've spent 8 hours playing Monster Legends, or Pokemon Go or some such, but this doesn't do that, and the way iOS is architected I don't see such an app coming out unless Apple themselves grace us with it as an iOS system level service. So in summary, from what I can see, this is an app for someone who needs to visualize their usage in a different way to how the battery usage monitor shows it, and provides a history of that, but it's not ACTIVELY monitoring anything - it's reliant on a user taking screenshots, and the app's ability to scrape and parse that, correct?
@merriman not sure what ADD has to do with taking a screenshot, but that’s a real condition. If you have it, I suppose suit yourself, but if you dont, consider not tossing it around in this context.
@andym_dc Fair point Andrew, and yes I do, and I do apologize.
Can't believe I just bought this. I'm sorry, but if you have to screenshot your battery page why can't I just do that on my own? I wouldn't put this app out unless it can actually track your usage somehow. I thought it had some sort of automated system in it. Totally wrong. I like the idea, but this doesn't work.
@iamjmw hi Joseph, you can definitely get a refund from the App Store if you aren't happy with the purchase. We aggregate all your data in one place and give you history & total phone usage right now. We are working to bring in more features like export to csv, get top addiction apps and more.