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Find out the average app review times for iOS & Mac apps

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This is an amazing resource! Was reminded of it after seeing, another crowdsourced product, App In Review by @mubashariqbal posted yesterday. Happy to see Apple keeping up with reviews even with all of the Watch apps being submitted! Back in the holidays it was around 11 days, got to a low of 6 and is now hovering at 8 days.
@mubashariqbal @robjama Yes but for me this is still far too long. It really stiffen product iteration. Can't move fast enough when there are last minutes thing to fix. And overall feeling like policed by Apple all the time.
@matgosselin You're right. Especially, when you compare it with shipping web products. Sadly, this has become business as usual on the App Store.
@robjama I agree with @matgosselin - this is far too long. It's ridiculous that it should take this long to get through the review process. Even when you submit an 'expedited' review request, I've found it takes about 24 hours for them to accept/deny the request - then, if accepted, another up to 24 hours for the review to be processed. Why they don't simply hire a few extra staff to get the normal review time down to under 2 days, I have no idea. When I've spoke to them on the phone, they've always said how strained their department is - sounds like they only have a handful of reviewers.
@robjama @matgosselin @adamcudworth solid product! Review times suck when an app breaks, but I think a week is reasonable. Most spammy apps get filtered out and the App Review team reviews apps on the weekend. It does force changes in development (@matgosselin), which has pros and cons. I'm just impressed that it floats around 7.5 days given the volume and complexity of submitted apps.
Apple is just trolling us endlessly I think with these wait times
One thing that bugs me a bit is that if you get an app rejected (for a crash or something, like I just did :), you go to the end of the line when you resubmit it, so it really adds to your launch date.
@coreywstone it's worse when your binary is fine and it's your meta data (ie App Store screenshots) and have to wait days ๐Ÿ˜•
@ativslife You don't go to the back of the line for metadata..only for binary updates. Experiencing that right now.
@kevinace Edit: They do place you at the back of the cue FYI. Talked to Apple Dev. Support earlier today
@kevinace @ativslife Seems to be a case-by-case basis. Recently, they wanted us to make some last minute changes. It was a binary re-submit, but we raised hell. They approved it within 20 mins of re-submit (waited 7 days prior to that to get into review)
@ativslife A few days ago, we had to make a meta data adjustment. We were not bumped to the end of the line. We were approved within hours of making the adjustment.
Is there a REST endpoint or API for this number? I'd love to see it in the Numerous App.