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App Marketing Stack is a curated directory of resources and tools to help you grow your app. The stack is built based on the framework of Mobile Growth Stack by Andy Carvell from Soundcloud. It includes 100+ resources and 60+ tools in 52 categories, like for example: App Store Optimization, Deep Linking, and Growth Modelling. In each category, there is a max of 15 hand picked resources and tools. I wish it would be useful for app marketers who are looking for resources in building their own mobile playbook. This work is a tribute to @andy_carvell for his framework, and @bramk for starting the stack series. This is a MVP, any feedback is much appreciated. :)
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@_patrickyip great idea a much bigger problem for consumer based apps on how to market it.
@aaspire thanks for your feedback. would you mind sharing a bit more about it?
@bramk it all started with you :)
Also credits to @bentossell and @nicolasegosum for the inspiration. We've learned so much in and (as marketers ourselves), and decided to create one for app marketing / mobile growth. Hope you guys also enjoy this!
@leslie1426 @bentossell Very interesting guys! Good job. One note: I would suggest you to remove empty sections.
@nicolasegosum @bentossell Thank you for the feedbacks! The reason we kept the empty sections for now is even if we don’t find any related tool yet, we hope someone would click the link if they have any suggestions (such as this page) And then we will update it accordingly ; )
@leslie1426 @nicolasegosum @bentossell I agree and I'd suggest make the "tip us" a huge button instead of that small in-text link CTA as also a side-wide button - make it more marketing-ish :D
@andmitsch great suggestion! we'll add this later on. :)
The overall idea and execution is great. However, I feel like there are some problems with your site. Your categories could really benefit from having more descriptive titles and a better arrangement. For instance the parent category "Channels" contains Push, Search, Social etc.. Then there's Acquisition which contains ASO, Performance Marketing (which in my book contains Search), PR etc., which comes closer to the definition of marketing channels than your category of "Channels". The "Channels" aren't really channels but a mix of acquisition channels and user communication methods. So at first glance I was really confused on where to start. Considering I've been working in marketing for some time, I can only imagine how a fresh marketer must feel. They just want to start to learn but what's the top priority? Instead of the elaborate categorization (which also leads to several sections having no links, just guides, or nothing at all) you should make it simpler for a first time user to use your site. I would suggest: - Rename "Channels" to "Communication with users" (or sth similar) and move it further down the page (maybe to 2nd or 3rd position). - Move "Acquisition" up to the very first position. Move Search and Social into that category. - Get rid of "Across Funnel", move the sections into other parent categories. - Get rid of empty sections (or don't show them yet). Other than that I really love the idea of including links to guides. Often overlooked resource, personally I'm not only interested in tools ;)
@tim_von_janssen I agree with the idea to organize it more. But nevertheless there's are some good resources for people new to marketing.
@tim_von_janssen Thank you sooo much for your detailed feedbacks! It's really encouraging for us to make better content. :D The current categorization of this stack sticks to Andy Carvell's mobile growth framework. That's why I can understand your confusion at first glance--we assumed that visitors have known about Andy's work, which in fact, might not be true. We have to think about how to arrange the categories better, or provide an easy-to-understand flow for first time comers. Having more descriptive titles--Yes we'd love to do that but didn't have enough time. Gotta add them soon! Again, thanks for the feedbacks. Truly valuable for us. :)
@_patrickyip True nature of a MVP ;) Keep it up and you'll help a lot of people though!
Great! I love this kind of website, where you can go directly to what you need. Congrats!
Thanks @gabrielreynard! And do visit our site again. We'll keep improving it. ;)