Platform for intelligent sales and marketing

Prospect from 200 Million business contacts and 10 Million companies, find verified emails and direct dials, and give your existing sales tools superpowers.
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18 Reviews5.0/5
Incredible amounts of data .. simple and intuitive to use, right away .. easy to see how this can help any company get smart with their sales funnel
Product Hunters - We're excited today to announce Apollo's new self-service platform, empowering businesses with intelligent sales and marketing. Apollo’s new platform allows businesses to experiment with its self-service version with a single click. Businesses can use 50 data credits per month offered in a free plan to get to know the products offered. If there's anything I can answer today, I'm happy to. Sign up here to build your predictable go-to-market engine: https://www.apollo.io/signup/ Best, Jim
Really impressive platform for intelligent sales!
Looks like a great tool for scaling businesses! Found the case studies very interesting
Without a doubt the best sales platform I have ever used. Everything you need comes included: from an awesome database to a robust sequencing feature (with automated and manual emails along with custom-built manual tasks i.e. linkedin views/adds/sending gift cards/whatever you can imagine), a built-in dialer with direct dials, a recorder/transcriber for that dialer, and analytics that'll blow your mind. Also, their sales team is world-class, which makes sense because Apollo.io is a world-class sales tool.
@andres_ortega takes a rock star to use a rock star product. Thanks for sharing!