Apollo for Watch

Standalone Spotify music player for the Apple Watch

Apollo is a standalone Spotify player for Apple Watch. It allows you to stream music directly on your Apple Watch over cellular network, and provides ability to play downloaded playlists offline.

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3 Reviews5.0/5
On the same day as the official Spotify for Apple Watch launched πŸ‘€ cc @rrhoover
It's got some quirks, but it's the initial release from a one-person operation. It's frustrating that the official Spotify watch app is getting all the attention when it's just a Connect remote, where Apollo is the streaming/offline playback app everyone is disappointed the official app isn't (yet).

I have been hoping beyond hope for this app for months so I could leave my phone at home while I run. I was very disappointed when Spotify announced they were releasing a watch app with neither standalone playback nor offline playback. It's pretty astounding that this developer quietly beat Spotify to the punch and that PH was the first I heard of it. This should be getting more buzz because their app really does just work as promised and it came out the same day as the official alternative.


- Works (mostly) like it promises to! Was able to play music over LTE/Wifi without my phone after about 30 seconds of setup! Amazing!


- Offline download has no feedback. Can't tell if mine is in progress or if it's broken.

- I wouldn't be surprised if Spotify shuts it down.

You can see progress of downloads by going back to the home screen after you've started a download. There will be a new menu item that lets you see download progress and cancel with a force press.
Crashed upon opening app on WATCHOS 5
Awesome app! A bit laggy on my series 1 but it's suppose to be so, I think πŸ˜„, even though, was able to play music over WIFI without phone and download some playlists for offline use. Well done!