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Convert your podcast into an Alexa skill in minutes

Convert your podcast, built on any platform, to an Alexa skill in minutes. Just enter the RSS feed of your podcast and click deploy. Make your podcast available to your audience on millions of smart speakers.
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Hi! ApiToBot helps you create voice applications for Alexa and Google assistant without coding. Over the last year, more than 500 Alexa skills and Google actions have been deployed using our platform. Today we want to help podcast creators reach more people and provide a better experience for their audience. Popular podcasts like NPR have their own Alexa skills, we want to provide same capabilities to every podcast creator. ApiToBot helps you convert your podcast to an Alexa skill in minutes. It works for podcasts created on any platform. All you need to provide is the RSS feed of your podcast. You can also create a podcast from scratch! Supported features: 1) Play your podcast by just saying "Alexa open " 2) "Alexa ask to play episode 4" 3) “Alexa play the latest episode” 4) “Alexa forward/rewind by 15 seconds” 5) Session management so users can resume where they left off on any device. In the near future we will be adding additional features like sending notifications when a new episode is launched and payments. Any feedback is appreciated :)
What a elegant yet simple product!
Such a powerful tool to drive more engagement for creators 👍
Good to see you here @sanath_p - I remember seeing you on PH about a year ago with your Flash briefing tool. So am I correct in understanding that pricing starts at $5 a month for the podcast skill? I have added you to my curations in the meantime and my resource list for Alexa skills
@krishnade Yes we have updated our pricing recently. Its 5$ a month for flash briefing and podcast skills.
@sanath_p Thanks for confirming