ApiToBot Flash Briefing

Quickly create Alexa flash briefing skills without coding

Create an Alexa Flash Briefing Skill in minutes from any source: RSS feed, API or manual entry

View our demo video where we create skill for Product hunt in 2 mins

Create skills like ‘Top offers for the day’ using your API to update users about your product daily

Instantly create a flash briefing skill for your blog on Medium or WordPress

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Hi Everyone, ApiToBot is introducing new feature today which helps to create Alexa Flash Briefing Skills in minutes. Flash briefing skills are the most popular skills on Alexa. Using ApiToBot you can create a Flash briefing skill from any feed source : RSS feed, custom API or Manual Entry. Skill for your Blog: If you have a blog on Wordpress, Medium or any other platform, just input your RSS feed URL and we take care of the rest. Works with Atom, RSS, or Medium publications. Many popular content platforms like CNN and TechCrunch have their own Alexa flash briefing skill. Now you can too! Using custom APIs: Using your API create skills like 'top products for the day,' 'top offers for the day' etc. Engage your users every day by sharing information about your product. Manual Entry: Share your knowledge with your followers. Create content daily. Just like managing your own blog! Create skills for 'daily sales tips', 'health habits', etc. Feel free to contact us contact@apitobot.io if you have any questions
This looks really interesting.
It is impossible to cancel APItoBot once you have signed up for a premium level. No way to contact support or they don't reply or follow through with their support .